Situated 24km west of Windhoek on the C28 route to Walvis Bay, some 2000m above sea level, the Park it is nestled among the hills of the Khomas Hochland.


The lush vegetation in the Park consists of 61 plant families, 205 genera and 301 species. Some common plants include the mountain thorn Acacia, Camelthorn tree, Buffalo Thorn Acacia, Karee, Trumpet Thorn and Camphor Bush.


Temperatures can be blistering during summer months and can drop below freezing during winter. Summer hikers are advised to set out early as temperatures can reach as high as 37 °C. Make sure you carry adequate protection from the sun and enough water to fight dehydration. In winter, warm clothing is essential. Campers, come with thick sleeping bags.


The Park falls within the Khomas series of the Damara system. It is composed of mica schist, mostly weathered and erodible, with extremely hard, un-weathered quartz variations forming a unique feature. An ephemeral water course with a catchment area of 2500ha has cut its way into the hard rock, forming a steep-sided gorge.