The stunning Daan Viljoen National Park previously formed part of the “Augeigas Reserve.”  This was set aside and added to the Furstenwald Reserve in 1932, covering a total of 13 873ha.

The severe drought of 1932 resulted in the construction of various wells and the planning of a few dams. By 1933, the Augeigas Dam with a wall measuring 21.5m in height was completed.

After an exceptional good rainy season in 1934, the veld recovered to a great extent, water was abundant in dams and wells. Unfortunatley, the water supply quickly diminished and grazing became scarce. By 1956, the local population had significantly diminished and the area was divided into farms in 1961. A total of 3900ha was set aside to recover from overgrazing in 1962, with the aim of developing it into a game reserve.

By 1966, the Park was proclaimed as it is today, with a total area of 3946ha. In 2008, history was made with one of Namibia’s first Public-Private Partnership Agreements. Namibia Wildlife Resorts awarded Sun Karros Lifestyle Safaris the contract to redevelop Daan Viljoen Game Park. For the next three years, the doors of the Park would be closed to the public for construction and the rebuilding of a new lodge. In October 2011, the new Sun Karros Daan Viljoen was officially inaugurated, much to the delight of its long-time guests.