All our guests are pleasantly surprised by the abundance of wildlife; and since there are no large predators, the majestic animals are free to roam throughout the Game Park. You’ll surely hear the braying of baboons, the haunting calls of blue wildebeest, springbok, kudu, Oryx, and Hartmann mountain zebra. There’s a good chance you’ll spot a giraffe, or sight a black-backed jackal through the thicket. But if you’re very lucky you might catch a glimpse of shy dassies and porcupines.

Daan Viljoen seems to naturally cater for bird watchers. We’re sure you’ll spot a few of the 200+ recorded species of birds, especially by the Augeigas Dam and the myriad of natural pools dotting the Park. From Ruppell’s parrot and the White-tailed shrike to numerous species of hornbill – so make sure you have your binoculars and cameras handy.

Feel free to explore our scenic Game Park however you wish. For those who want to enjoy a short, but stunning drive around our grounds the 6.5km game route will leave you smiling. But we urge our guests to hike - either along the 6.5km game route or the two hiking trails - this will bring you much closer to the Park’s rugged beauty. You can either take the easier Wag ‘n Beitje Trail which is a quick 3km walk down to the Stengel Dam; or if you’re active and require something a bit more challenging, try the Rooibos Trail which guides you along the Augeigas Dam towards the Eastern Highlands. For those who really want to get up close and personal with our local wildlife, our guided drives are conducted on the private, wilder roads not accessible to the general public. You will be in good hands with our knowledgeable guide that will take you to all the best spots for animal sightings.

Sun Karros
Location and Topography

Situated 24km west of Windhoek on the C28 route to Walvis Bay, some 2000m above sea level, the Game Park is tucked away among the hills of the Khomas Hochland.